Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Company


Have you been searching for the best source of commercial AC repair in Phoenix? You’ve probably found that there are tons of options and narrowing them down can be challenging without knowing what to look for. You want a professional technician available who can ensure repairs are done right, so you don’t have to deal with a second repair down the line. Below we’ll share some tips for getting the skill you need without all the stress.

Look at Experience

You could choose a company that is new and get lucky enough to receive amazing service and a great price, but this is unlikely. The best choice to make is an experienced technician who is skilled in commercial AC repair in Phoenix. When you contact a company you’re considering, ask about what kind of projects they’ve done in the past. Most will be happy to provide examples of their best work.

Ask for Recommendations on Equipment

If you need more than a simple repair and are looking at an installation, ask the technician you choose what they would suggest for your needs. These people know to offer insightful recommendations that may offer you efficiency as well as affordability. Also, you can often get better deals on units when you procure them through your contractor.

Get an Estimate in Writing

Before anyone touches your air conditioning system, ask for an estimate and require it to be in writing. You should also determine whether the estimate is binding, as there could be additional fees if this is not the case. You likely have a certain amount to spend on commercial AC repair in Phoenix, so make sure you aren’t going above that with surprise fees or markups after the fact.

Inquire About Maintenance

Any air conditioning system needs a certain amount of servicing and maintenance to stay in good working order. You need to find out what you should be doing to ensure the life of your AC. Your air conditioning technician should be able to break down your needed maintenance tasks or may be able to provide them for you at a low cost. It’s always worth asking about.

Follow these tips to find a great air conditioning repair company and have your repairs done well. If you are looking for a company in the Phoenix area, Worlock Air Conditioning has experienced technicians who would be happy to help you. Get in touch with us at

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