Learning about Disability Insurance

If you have to file for disability insurance it is already a difficult time for you. This is probably because you are already experiencing pain due to a serious illness or injury. There are some facts about filing for social security disability that you should know before you attempt to file with or without an attorney. In order to file, you must have a work history that is lengthy enough to have earned enough social security income.

You may be suffering from a great deal of pain but this not necessarily mean that you are going to get approved for disability insurance. Here are some facts that may help you file for social security disability in New York.

To be disabled

What you might consider a disability is not necessarily what the federal government considers a disability. You will not receive any type of social security benefits if you are still able to perform some kind of work. While you may not be able to do the same tasks that you did before, you are only considered to be disabled if you cannot work at all or are terminally ill. You may then qualify for short-term disability if you do not have a terminal illness.

Factors to Consider

There are various other factors that need to be considered before you apply for SSI. The following questions will help you to determine if you will be labeled as a disabled individual by the federal government.

You must first consider how much you are making a month. If you are still working and have an income of $1,090 or more, you will not be considered for SSI benefits. You must also consider how severe of a condition you are in. If your current illness does not interfere with your ability to work, you will automatically be denied. If there is any other type of employment that you could seek then you will not be considered disabled. Make sure to check the list of disabling conditions to see if your condition is listed.


Before you file for SSI you need to make sure that you have all of the facts available. It can be a very complicated task to handle on your own, so you should hire an attorney to ensure that you are filing your documents correctly. This will also increase your chances of winning your case, even though there are no guarantees.

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