What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

In terms of teeth whitening done in the dental office and performed by a general dentist Riverside professional, it is recommended as the most efficient, quick and safe cleaning of unwanted stains. In this procedure, the whitening product is applied directly to teeth. It is applied using a source of heat, light or laser. Light and heat accelerate the whitening effect. The results can be seen in no more than 60 minutes from the moment of the treatment.

Simply using polarized light is not enough for a single session results. The only method that provides a satisfying outcome during the first session is laser treatment. As for the effects of teeth whitening performed by a general dentist Riverside professional, you cannot expect them to be permanent.

For people who are “exposed” to tooth decay attacks after excessive smoking or consumption of foods and beverages, that cause decay (such as coke and coffee), the results begin to fade in about 6-9 months after treatment. On the other hand, those who ensure proper teeth hygiene will enjoy the results for about 12-18 months. The degree of whitening varies, obviously, from individual to individual, being conditioned by factors such as dental status, nature spots, as well as the type of bleaching system used and the time in which this system has operated.

The differences between the whitening products you can buy from a store and those offered by a general dentist Riverside professionals are numerous. These two services have certain strengths and weaknesses, which you should be aware of before making a final decision on which method to use.

First of all, in terms of the power bleaching agent products, they provide a lesser degree of whitening teeth, due to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, they contain (between 3-6%). By comparison, in the dental office professional whitening products contain a concentration between 15-43%. In the office, the dentist may apply to your teeth and gums a special gel or a “shield” protection to keep the whitening effects for a longer time. In terms of the expenses, as you would have probably expected, it is cheaper to use the products found in commerce than having a general dentist Riverside professional help you in this matter.

Finally, the use of professional services has more benefits than using your own products at home. First, your dentist can check your medical history and recommend the best solutions after performing a thorough dental examination and asking some questions about your past activities. You will always benefit from the experience of such a professional provided that you follow all the instructions given to you.


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