Choose The Best Designer Eyeglasses To Complement Your Face Shape

Choose The Best Designer Eyeglasses To Complement Your Face Shape

Millions of Americans require eyeglasses or contact lenses to see properly. While many prefer the discreet look of contact lenses, others need eyeglasses because of an eye condition that won’t allow the use of contacts. Either way, there are amazing designer eyeglasses in Chicago that can please even the most discerning tastes. When choosing a frame for your eyeglasses, style experts suggest selecting a frame shape that complements the shape of your face.

If you have balanced features with your forehead slightly wider than your chin, you have an oval shaped face. Since you have the ideal face shape, most any type of frames will look great. In order to maintain the proportions of your face, try to choose frames that are as wide as the area of your face that is the widest.

Round faces are about as long as they are wide, and have gentle curves. This face structures looks great with square or angular type frames. In order to lengthen and thin out your round face, try using a clear bridge. It will also widen your eyes and make your face balanced.

Faces that are equally long and wide, but have angular lines are known to have square face structures. In order to balance out the angles, stylists recommend round shaped frames. By choosing frames that are wider across than they are long, you can lengthen your face.

With a face that has a narrow chin and a wide forehead, a triangular face looks best with geometric shaped or circular frames. The key is to select frames that have more narrow tops and wider bottoms. Rimless frames also work great to minimize the width of the temple. It also draws attention to the bottom of the face and balances out the facial structure.

Cat eye frames are an extremely popular look in designer eyeglasses and sunglasses MA. These frames tend to look best on those with diamond shaped faces and faces that have a wide chin and narrow forehead. The cat eye frames work to draw attention to the forehead. They also emphasize your cheekbones and eyes.

Purchasing several pairs of designer eyeglasses in Chicago will allow you to change your glasses depending on your outfit or mood for the day. Designer eyeglasses come in amazing colors that will complement any skin coloring.

You can find stylish designer eyeglasses in Chicago to fit your personality and your face shape. Bring out your best features by selecting the right designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in Chicago.

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