In this way, may try to shift the burden of responsibility for his client.

In this way, may try to shift the burden of responsibility for his client.

The question is if there is a reform, it will be preceded by public consultations, Sasin said: “Law and Justice ensures that no decisions have been taken without the participation of the Poles. Do not do like our predecessors, who, without public consultation decided raise the retirement age. We exclude it “.See also: Social, family, resultant: What are the annuity in 2019 years» Dworczyk: Government approves the draft law on the addition of 500 zł for the disabled ‘ “SE” also asked “if the Poles can breathe relieved that the government will not be told them to work longer. ” “Poles can sleep peacefully. Of course, if someone wants to work longer, it has the right to do so – it’s his choice. Anyone who is working, for the state’s weight in gold, and he will therefore have a higher pension.

However, our government has no one forces for such a decision “, – assured the Deputy Prime Minister. Part of the patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer do not benefit from treatment because they caught the disease faster than NHF issued a corresponding decree. And while drugs are in refunds, hospitals can not give them sick. From September on the reimbursement list hit new therapies for breast cancer, a patient who fought for several years. According to experts, is a breakthrough. This should include perjeta a drug that prevents metastasis. Until now you had to buy it with their own money, usually collected with the help of the foundation (one dose will cost approx.

11 thousand. Zł, is commonly needed six). Foundation Alivia but still seek the patient to organize a collection to the drug. Doctors heard that, from the formal and technical reasons, it is not available. In one of the establishments ill learned that it has to wait for at least three months, another no one was able to give even approximate terminu.zobacz also new reimbursement list and new drugs for breast cancer »Why the delay? In accordance with the provisions of the National Health Fund must first identify hospitals that will implement a new program the drug.

And it takes time. Worse, even when the drug is already available in the framework of the National Health Fund, it may be that patients who have previously bought it on your own, it will not belong. With no rules It is clear, if you can incorporate them into the free treatment. As learned the DGP, the Ministry of Health saw a problem and trying to fix your own mistakes. He wants to include new treatment program for existing drug for breast cancer so that treatment would no longer be available from November. – If this is not done, the waiting time could be even longer – admits Deputy Minister Maciej University. See also: From September will be refunded innovative drugs for breast cancer »Today, too, has to be decided to clarify the criteria for the program, which will allow for the inclusion of the patients, which until now pay for their own perjetę kieszeni.Nowe treatment for patients with breast cancer if only on paper. Medicines for patients with a specific gene mutation in September came to a refund, but not to szpitaliChodzi perjeta a drug that increases the chances of a complete cure of one of the subtypes of breast cancer (HER2 positive), which is very aggressive and occurs in 20-25 percent. patients.

Given at an early stage before surgery enhances the effectiveness of the treatment and to prevent metastasis. On the market for several years, but in Poland was available only for those who could afford the expense average of 50 thousand. zł. Since September, the drug entered the refund. But only on paper. Formal reasons hospitals still can not give it. – We look forward to the NHF management, but has not yet been published – says Adam Maciejczyk, head of the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław. It was only after the announcement of orders NHF may announce a competition in which selected hospitals are likely to start a new therapy.

Maciejczyk admits that the patient report, but they have their hands tied – until it is formally possible, but drugs are physically in the hospital, they can not give them. Otherwise, the NHF will not give the facility for no money. For many patients is a serious problem – particularly because with such an aggressive cancer counts each month. As a result, they continue to collect money. – Today, for the purchase of Pertuzumab (perjeta) with the help of the Foundation collects Alivia dozen patients – says Jadwiga Chojecka Foundation Aliva. And he adds that only in September, five patients with the help of the Foundation financed the purchase of the drug, which had already darmowy.Co be worse, it is not clear whether they will then “flip” to treatment with the NFZ.

The provisions of this clearly does not specify. – I heard that perjeta will be refunded when I have money collected for four doses. So I asked the doctor for the last visit, in early September, and I will refund. The hospital does not have the guidelines and do not know, but since I’m already in the drug package, this new, under which the drug will be reimbursed, probably I will not be concerned – says Bozena Kosewska, one of the patients, which raises money for perjetę in cooperation with Alivia. In the Warsaw Cancer Center in such a situation is more or less half of the patients who are treated for HER2 positive breast cancer (over 50 people). When the drug will be available in the end, they arise de facto different categories of patients – one therapy will be refunded, others will have to pay for it themselves, others will not get needed medicine. – This is absurd, but we can not do anything about it – emphasizes Agnieszka Jagiello-Gruszfeld Clinic Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery in Oncology Center in Warsaw. In her opinion, it is a serious oversight. – Firstly, because this program is not started from September 1. Second – because no one took care to those patients who were buying yourself this drug before, they have the opportunity to further refund – added Dr Jagiello-Gruszfeld. As he learned the DGP, the Ministry of Health wants to change this record and also save for perjety that will be able to continue the treatment in the context of a refund. – We want to clarify, so that there was no doubt.

Patients who previously bought drugs for themselves, can not be affected – says Maciej University, Deputy Minister of Health. Resort is also trying to shorten the waiting time for drugs. And the amendments which will allow the connection of the new program, which is perjeta, with the main program already operating on breast cancer drug package. Yesterday the Agency for Health Technology Assessment gave it official approval. This means that the drugs will be available to start listopada.To but not solve the problem of all patients. It is in fact a group of patients who can not afford to buy perjety and decide to make a collection for this purpose.

One must start other, less effective treatment. In November, a change of drugs will not make sense, because therapy must be used for a long time. A delay in the start of the impossible, because cancer does not wait. According to the legal definition of copyright it is the subject of any manifestation of creative activity of an individual nature, established in any form, regardless of the value, purpose, and manner of expression. Is therefore required to get a tattoo, like any artistic work, he had individual and creative character and a fixed form.

Nature tattoo that its determination is to move the image on the plastic human skin. Tattooed usually is preceded by execution of the project or pattern image stored on paper or in electronic form. If it is a copy of an existing, widely available model (picture, image, etc.), A tattoo is unlikely to be considered work, and therefore will not be protected. His execution comes down then usually mechanical mapping template for the client’s body, which is devoid of creative and individual charakteru.zobacz also Collusion radio, which is where and to whom the money goes from the music played on the premises “However, if a tattoo created for individual customers and be distinguished from the previously known patterns (individualized project made by a tattoo artist or the customer himself), it will be protected on the same basis on which protected other artistic works. Tattoo recognition for the work associated with the legal consequences. Thus, in the event of exercise it according to the design or pattern provided by the customer owns the rights to the tattoo will be just him and not tattooer. If the customer, who himself designed the pattern depends on the fact that his tattoo was not reproduced by the tattoo artist should conclude a contract specifying the terms of its use.

It should allow for single use only. Otherwise, there is fear that the tattoo artist will duplicate it. And when tattooed is a public figure – are indicated in the contract, which will be included transfer of copyright to the tattoo on a client or grant him an appropriate license in order to avoid any future claims tatuatora.zobacz also ECJ: You can make copies of the software for their own use. But you can not sell them »Developers tattoos but more often use a pattern or design created by a different artist (eg. The creator of an artwork or graphics).

If such a pattern or design is a work (a creative and individual character), to tattooing – in accordance with the regulations – will be required consent of its creator. Performing a tattoo can in fact rely on its development, ie. The introduction of minor changes. Such consent is not required but if the author only tattoo draws inspiration from someone else’s pattern or design. About this, when the tattoo is to develop someone else’s song (song subsidiaries), and when only the inspired song, choose the specific circumstances (including the degree and nature of borrowings from the pattern or design).

The creator of the pattern or design has the right to require the cessation of its further use by tattoo artist, and expect appropriate monetary compensation. There is also a risk that the tattoo artist also bear criminal responsibility (eg. In connection with the commission of the offense by appropriating another person’s work or fraudulent duplication). Consent of the project’s tattoo is not required when a project is a public track, which you can use without restrictions. This is what happens when it has been created by a person whose property rights to the design have already expired. In Poland, this is after seventy years after the death of its creator.

See also: EC wants to ban placement of images and text in links to articles »No consent is convinced of the consequences of them, among others, David Beckham, the tattoo artist sued for publicly exposing the tattoo in one of the advertising campaigns, as well as Warner Brothers, which was sued by Mike Tyson tattoo artist for the use of pattern tattoo in the movie “The Hangover Part II.” Both cases ended with the signing of the agreement. EXPLANATION EKSPERTABartosz Fogel Legal Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs Legal GFP answer to the question whether the creator of the project tattoo may prohibit the distribution, is complex. Certainly there will be an infringement of copyright creators exposing the tattoo while walking on the street. While the use of the tattoo as an independent element for advertising purposes (eg. In the form of pictures) will require the consent of the tattooer.

It is worth remembering that at the moment of payment for the tattoo does not have to become its owner. Although we have the right to wear it and publicly exhibited, but any commercial use of it may require the conclusion of the tattooer agreement for the transfer of rights or license tattoo. W hen tattoo shows the image of another person, eg. A well-known (actor, an idol of sports or music) or a close relative (eg. A partner, partner or family member), the provision does not require the consent of the person who is tattooed. However, if the tattoo represented well-known brand logo or crest football club, the protection of such signs can be viewed in terms of copyright-protected song.

For the tattoo artist may mean that he should obtain the consent of the entrepreneur or a sports club on the commercial use of the mark (eg. Involving the right to reproduction markings to tattooing on the body of your potential customers). In practice, these types of licensing agreements is extremely rare. Tattooer can argue in his defense that the project / tattoo pattern using the company logo or emblem of the club reported to his client, ensuring that it has the right to use the mark. In this way, may try to shift the burden of responsibility for his client.

In practice, this approach fails for two reasons. First, the tattoo artist usually there is no evidence that the client made such a statement. Second, even if that was the case, it would not absolve him of responsibility. However, you should assume that the owner of football club or group will not be pulled from the consequences of loyal fans, because he could suffer for years built the company’s image or club. From the moment the tattoo, its creator gets to him, copyrights and personal.

This means that it has the right to the integrity of the content and form of tattooing. Therefore, the tattooed person should get his consent to the modification or removal of a tattoo. This situation – in my opinion – is unacceptable. It seems that the tattooed person has the overriding right to self-determination over their own bodies. This law makes the consent of the creator of the tattoo should not be required.

Legal basis: Art. 1-2, 6, 16-17, 36, 50, 67-78, 79, 81, 115-117 Law of 4 February 1994. On Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws of 2016 . pos. 666). Preparations for the campaign “Healthy work” are in full swing – to restrict the work from October to 48 hours a week, now you have to file a notice. That is why the leaders of the environment of residents driving around Poland, meetings with doctors. On the they presented arguments for a reduction in working hours.

Medicine government says it will intervene if the doctors speaking Klauze opt-out met with harassment from superiors. See also: Doctors pharmacists kind of support, but not to the end “application prescribed prescription. To help in the treatment of opioid dependence [INTERVIEW] “Unity is strength? Residents of this time will not stand up for money for themselves. They are talking about the health system and working conditions, which – not just doctors – are getting worse. – Problems to accumulate.

In recent years, the queue lengthened twice, there is no change for the better, and the agreement with the minister of health is not implemented – calculates Bartosz Fiałek of the board of the National Trade Union of Doctors, which – together with the chairman of the Agreement Residents John Czarnecki – conducts meetings with doctors. – If we do not enforce the reforms, in five years you will not be reformed – he argues.