Is a Wood Fence Cleveland OH a Good Fit For You?

If you are considering installing a privacy fence, there really is not a “best” version. The choice you make should depend on the cost, your landscaping design, the climate in your area and what you want the fence to do. If you just want to block out everyone and everything else, the ultimate design of a Wood Fence In Cleveland OH may be different than someone keeping a dog contained in a yard. One specific type of fence will not be perfect for everyone but there are a few popular possibilities.

You can choose from a Wood Fence Cleveland OH, vinyl, concrete, stone, chain link or a hedge row. When you consider just the cost of a fence, a chain link fence with slats woven into it is the best option. Most chain link fences are about 4 feet tall and that won’t offer much privacy. Wood fences can come in several different heights and densities. You can purchase pre-set tightly fit panels of wood fence. These panels are popular because they are easier to install. You just measure the space you want to fence in and calculate the number of panels you will need. You only have to dig posts where the panels set into the ground. This can be a more expensive than buying the wood slats to build your own Wood Fence In Cleveland OH. Building your own fence out of individual posts and slats may allow you more options in the way of wood grains and colors but the work will be considerably harder.

A wood fence can be built in several different heights meeting even a more difficult privacy need. And if the size of the posts and slats are not enough, some people add lattice work to the top both for decoration and for a few extra inches or feet of privacy protection. If you have neighbors with two story homes, you will most likely never achieve total privacy as they can view your space from the second level of their home, but a taller fence will keep most passersby from seeing into your yard. It will also make it less attractive for burglars as it will be more difficult to enter your space easily.

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