Saint Louis Offers Some of the Best Barbecue in America

Saint Louis Offers Some of the Best Barbecue in America

Barbecue aficionados have their own preferences for barbecue based on regional flavors. Southerners love the twang of vinegar-based sauces while in the north people prefer the smoky flavors and sweet sauces. However, good barbecue transcends all areas and tempts the taste-buds of true smoked-meat lovers everywhere. For truly phenomenal barbecue, try the best barbecue restaurants Saint Louis offers.

True Barbecue

So what goes into the savory, sweet, smoky goodness that people love? Many elements make up great barbecue, including choice cuts of brisket, chicken, and pork. Hickory chips and slow smoking provide that tantalizing aroma and flavorful smokiness. Careful attention to temperature and time produce that crispy char on the outer rings of the pork and brisket that bring people back again and again. Of course, family recipes, secret ingredients and highly regarded techniques keep the best barbecue restaurants Saint Louis has pretty hush-hush on how they actually create their menu items. However, people who pull up a chair in one of these delectable establishments don’t really care how secretive they are as long as the food is fabulous.

Menu Items

Most people have a favorite barbecue item. Some love the chicken leg quarters or turkey legs that are juicy and have crispy skin. For others it’s a no-brainer – the brisket is the best. Sliced thin and enjoyed plain or slathered in a house sauce, this is hard to beat. There are also the die-hard fans of pork barbecue, chopped, sliced or in tender racks of ribs. Get a plate with one favorite or choose multiple meats and sides. What sides? Well, traditional staples like cole slaw and corn. Mashed potatoes, potato salad, French fries or onion rings are also good sides. Baked beans are also one of those secret-recipe dishes that are so good with barbecue. Corn bread or rolls or even buns will complete the plate. Save room for dessert, though. Nothing goes with barbecue like a dish of peach cobbler or a slice of homemade cherry pie.