The Benefits of a Bail Bonds Service in Iowa City, Iowa

The Benefits of a Bail Bonds Service in Iowa City, Iowa

Bail bondsmen have an interesting place in society today. There was once a time that this particular vocation was looked upon as a last choice rather than a vocation that could help others. But, as time goes on and more states require people who have been arrested to have their bail posted by a bail bondsman, their role in society has changed dramatically. Now, choosing to be a bail bondsmen can be a lucrative career choice and one that whole families get involved in.

The first thing that a bail bonds in Iowa City, Iowa offers is providing the courts with your bond so that you can get out of jail after you’ve been arrested. How this works is that the bail bondsman, who has to be licensed by the State of Texas, negotiates a contract with the courts that their service works with. The courts agree to accept 10% of the total bond from the bail bondsman and the bail agent guarantees that you’ll show up in court for your court date.

It’s important to understand that a bail agent doesn’t work for free. You’ll have to pay the bond service 10% to 15% of the total amount that they pay out on your behalf. If you’re bail is $100,000, then the bond service pays $10,000 to the courts and you pay the bondsman $1,000 to $1,500 for their services. What’s more, you will likely have to offer something for collateral in case you skip out on the bail. Typically, something substantial like a house or a car is offered up as collateral.

The other service that a bail bonds Iowa City, Iowa offers is a reminder service for your court dates. This can be a great option for those of you who can’t afford an attorney and have to use a state appointed lawyer who may not have the time to remind you that you’re due in court.

The bail bondsmen at Wildside Bail Bonds will also go with you to court to offer you support. This can be a valuable service for those of you who are alone through the process. Having a support team in place can make all the difference for you in court.

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