Things to Consider With Water Softener Installation in West Bend, WI

Things to Consider With Water Softener Installation in West Bend, WI

Hard water contains a lot of magnesium and calcium, which can make it so soaps don’t dissolve well in the water and the pipes are more likely to clog. Water softener installation in West Bend, WI can help with this problem and has a number of potential benefits.

Benefits of Softer Water

A water softener helps remove the extra minerals in the water, often with the use of salt, although there are also salt-free systems that don’t add sodium to the water. Softer water means that clothes stay whiter and softer, appliances last longer, energy bills tend to be lower, and less soap is needed to clean clothes and dishes. Hair and skin will be smoother and cleaner as well.

Potential Costs

Water Softener Installation in West Bend, WI can vary greatly, running anywhere from $1,700 to over $2,000, and the water softener itself typically costs somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Factors that affect the cost involve the size of the system, how much water the household uses, how hard the water is, and how many water fixtures are used. Water softeners typically last about 15 years but do need regular maintenance, such as adding salt periodically to ion-exchanging water softeners and cleaning out the brine tank.

Size Needed

A homeowner can estimate the number of grains per gallon needed in a water softener by multiplying the number of people in the house by 80 and then multiplying that number by 10. The more GPG a family requires, the stronger water softener is needed and the more expensive it is likely to be to purchase and install the water softener.

Type of Water Softener

Available types of water softeners include ion-exchangers, salt-free, dual tank, and magnetic, each of which has their pros and cons. Most people use ion-exchangers, while those with large households may need dual-tank water softeners. Magnetic water softeners are a newer option, and while they tend to be a bit less expensive than some of the other options, they also tend to be a bit less effective. Business name can help with your water softener installation as well as handle many other residential and commercial plumbing jobs.

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