Why an Advertising Agency is Needed for Businesses in Los Angeles

In the city of Los Angeles alone, there are nearly four million people. Factor in all of the surrounding cities and towns that make up the greater Los Angeles area and that number increases nearly six fold. With so many people, it can be very difficult to not only attract customers but to attract the right kind of customers and make it cost effective. Any person can advertise to over 20 million people but will it be effective? It is not likely. For effective advertising that is targeted to the right person or group, many businesses turn towards an advertising agency in Los Angeles.

What an Advertising Agency Does

In the past, an advertising agency merely offered their services for creating and publishing advertising on media or via television and radio. Today, an advertising agency does much more than that. In fact, many advertising agency are now full service marketing agencies.

Today an online advertising agency works with their clients to first establish a set of goals. Once a set of goals has been established they then put together a plan that will help the client achieve those goals. For instance, if a hotel wishes to increase its room occupancy rate by 20%, then the advertising agency will base their plan to meet this goal.

Meeting this goal means more than just advertising in as many places and as often as possible. This is irresponsible to use this method. What the advertising company will do is determine when the possible peak times are for the hotel and then determine where those customers are likely to come from.

Once that is established the advertising agency will then put together market research that will help them understand how to reach those potential customers and through which medium is the best way to reach those customers. For instance if a hotel was trying to reach college kids for spring break deals, then the advertising campaign might be more geared through social mediums rather than through the traditional mediums.

Finally, once the advertising goals have been established and the ads have begun running, an advertising agency then does continual analysis to see if the advertising campaigns are meeting the goals. If they are not meeting their goals then an adjustment will be made, and the campaign will be re-tested for performance. They will continue to do this throughout the whole cycle, providing the client valuable marketing data.

This is only small example of what an advertising agency can do. As anyone can see, there is way more involved than just creating an ad and running the ad on print or TV. A good advertising agency can provide the whole service.

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