Can a Bail Bondsman in Stamford, CT Really Help You If You’re Arrested?

While some people who are arrested are familiar with how the court system works, others aren’t. A person who is familiar with the process might remain calm while in custody. Someone unfamiliar with the system might find themselves panicking while they are in jail. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to get a grasp on how the courts and police work.

Arrested and Released

A bail bondsman in Stamford, CT knows that not everyone taken into custody is charged with a crime. A person can be arrested and then released without any charges being filed. A police officer might arrest someone because they suspect them of a crime. When more information is gathered, law enforcement might realize that there isn’t any evidence to support their suspicions. Law enforcement has a few days to decide whether or not charges should be pursued.

More on Being Released Without Charges

A bail bondsman in Stamford, CT will also know that innocent people are charged with crimes. Some people who are innocent mistakenly believe they won’t be charged with crimes just because they are innocent. When they are charged, they end up surprised. When innocent people are given bails that are expensive, they are even more surprised. Innocent people have to remember that they need to rely on lawyers to prove their innocence. It’s best to get a lawyer’s help before charges are even filed.

Bail Denied

People who are arrested have to understand that there are no guarantees that they will be released while awaiting trial. Bail can be denied for a variety of reasons. If the accusations aren’t severe, the prosecutor usually won’t fight bail. Being charged with murder or other serious crimes might lead to an extremely high dollar amount for bail or it being denied completely. A defendant needs to have a lawyer with them at their bail hearing, even if the crime isn’t a serious one. Visit us online to find out more about bail.

There are defendants who have to sit in jail for months awaiting trial because they can’t come up with bail money. In some of those cases, lawyers could have helped get lower bails at the hearings. Anyone who is arrested should contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to have a better chance of getting out of custody.

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