Fighting for Social Security Disability in Tulsa, OK

Social Security disability payments are extremely beneficial to people who have been injured and can only work for only short periods of time, or can’t work at all. This sort of system has been a great resource for people in this situation for many years in the past. Unfortunately, Social Security Disability in Tulsa OK is not always the easiest thing to get. While concerns over fraud are constant, this often times leads to people who genuinely qualify for these disability payments to be turned down. That is why, in some situations, hiring an attorney that handles Social Security disability issues may be the only way to get a reversal on a rejected Social Security disability claim.

There are many ways in which a Social Security attorney can help reverse the decision to reject a disability claim. In most cases, an attorney will simply request that the claim be reviewed by an appeals board. In many instances, this is all that is needed to have the disability claim approved.
If this doesn’t work, the attorney can avail themselves to another review board for a second review of the disability application. In cases where this isn’t successful, the attorney can always sue the Social Security administration in court.

Aside from the avenues that an attorney that handles Social Security Disability in Tulsa OK can use to advocate for their clients, a big question is how a person who needs disability payments to survive can afford an attorney. In most instances, Social Security disability attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that while a person may have to pay minimal administration fees to the attorney, any money the attorney receives only comes through by successfully helping a person to get Social Security disability benefits. In addition, monies paid out to an attorney can only be a percentage of retroactive benefits. Typically, this awarded money caps out at around $6000.

If you have been going round and round with the Social Security Administration, and you’re getting nowhere trying to get a valid disability claim approved, it may be time to look for help. By visiting a website like, you’ll be able to see what an attorney can do for you. You can also find contact information so that you can schedule a consultation.

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