Reasons to Consider the Ford Fusion, Find a Dealership near Barrington

If you’re looking for a new Ford Fusion, you probably already know the benefits of owning one. However, if you’re on the fence or you’ve never owned a Ford before, it could be time to learn more about them. Once you’ve got your heart set on this make and model, you need to find a dealership near Barrington to help you find the right color, work out financing, and get you on your way to driving a beautiful car.

Trim Levels

If you want the newest on the market, the 2018 Fusion has five different trim options. The base model has 175 horsepower and a 2.5-L four-cylinder engine. The next up is the Fusion SE, which has the same engine style, but bigger wheels and more technological features.

The Titanium trim level has more technology available and gives you a 2.0-L turbocharged engine with a whopping 240 horsepower. The Platinum trim includes the same technology and engine upgrades but has more luxury upgrades to help you feel comfortable.

The V6 Sport is the last trim level; it has 325 horsepower and a 380 lb-ft torque V6 engine.

Fuel Economy

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to use fewer resources, the Fusion has it all. You can find a hybrid version from many dealers near Barrington, which gets 41 miles to the gallon on the highway and 43 MPG for city driving. The non-hybrid can still help you save money, as it gets 23 MPG on the highway and 17 miles-per-gallon in the city.

The Ford Fusion is a beautifully slick car that looks excellent on the road and gives you a variety of luxury features. Visit Arlington Heights Ford near Barrington at to start searching for your next vehicle today. Follow us on twitter.

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