Recommended Option for Floor Tile Removal Tool: Pearl Easy Hammer Trolley

Looking for a great floor tile removal tool to remove old, outdated, or ugly tiles? The (Pearl Easy Hammer Trolley)[] is a great choice to get rid of old installations to make room for something new. Just choose a compatible jackhammer to go with it and it will help in doing the job, by reducing the strain of the hammer’s vibrations affecting the operator.

It’s designed to demolish floor coverings such as tile, wood, cork, and vinyl, and has many other applications. The angles of approach are adjustable and make lugging around jackhammers much easier, leading to more efficiency in the project, with six different angle positions available.

Although it is not compatible with specifically anti-vibration hammers, it is compatible with the following models of jackhammers: MILWAUKEE 5337-21, MAKITA HM1317CB/HM1307CB, HITACHI H65SD2, and DEWALT D25960K. It is not limited to just these models.

The rubber handles and shock absorbers further decrease vibrations from the hammer leading to a better experience. This is a great feature to have in a floor tile removal tool.

There is also a large foot plate which is helpful as it assists the operator in applying as much force as necessary for the given job. This will help greatly when dealing with different tile types.

Using a jackhammer by itself is something that’s not really needed when you have something like this. A trolley designed specifically to make the hammer easier and more efficient to use to get things done better, safer, and faster.