The Purpose of Social Security Benefits in Washington State

The Purpose of Social Security Benefits in Washington State

Social security benefits in Washington State provide financial assistance to two distinct groups of people. The first group is made up of elderly residents who are old enough to retire. The second group is made up of individuals with health impairments that keep them from working enough to support themselves.

How Do People Receive Social Security Benefits in Washington State?

Regardless of which group you fall into, it’s essential that you apply for social security benefits when you want them to begin. They won’t start automatically when you turn a certain age, when you retire or when you’re diagnosed with a serious disability. In fact, none of those things guarantee you’ll receive social security benefits in Washington State. The eligibility process includes several factors that need to be satisfied before assistance will be awarded.

Social security benefits for the elderly are easier to receive than for people who are disabled. This makes sense because most people have paid into the system for most of their lives. Once your identity, age and eligibility are established, you should have no problems receiving benefits.

People who are filing because of a disability may have a more difficult time getting help. You need a thorough diagnosis that shows you meet the standards for having a severe health problem that will prevent you from working for a year or more. These specifications have been established by the government and aren’t normally considered objectionable. A single doctor’s recommendation is not enough to overrule a denial of benefits, though you can file an appeal.

What about Fraud Cases?

While there are instances of fraud when it comes to social security benefits in Washington State, it isn’t as widespread of a problem as many assume. There are safeguards in place to prevent people from taking advantage of the system. The majority of people on disability payments rely on those funds to provide for themselves and their families. In addition, the state performs periodic checks on cases to ensure people receiving disability still meet eligibility markers to stay involved with the program.

If you have proof someone is claiming disability when they are reasonably capable of working, you can report them to the Social Security department. Unfortunately, because of privacy laws, you may not be eligible for any information on how the case progresses. You also can be held responsible for turning in false reports for the purpose of harassing people who legitimately receive help from the government.

It’s a tragedy that some people need social security disability benefits in Washington State. No one likes to rely on assistance to get by, but the services are available for people who otherwise couldn’t get by. Applying is as simple as going into your local Social Security office and asking them where to start the process.