Types of Medical Supplies Thermometer

The medical supplies industry in the US continues to be driven by the national healthcare expenditure levels. Apart from this, growing awareness among people about remaining healthy has boosted the demand for medical equipment and supplies of various types. According to Hoovers.com, the US medical equipment and supplies distribution industry comprises of about 7,000 companies, having combined annual revenues of about $130 billion. These companies offer a wide variety of medical supplies thermometers ranging from single use products to scanner thermometers.

Variety of Medical Supplies Thermometer
Medical supplies thermometers are a necessity for every household and healthcare center, since they are used to measure the body temperature of a patient. Traditionally used mercury filled tube type thermometers are increasingly being replaced by modern varieties that include digital, electronic and remote thermometers. Established medical supplies distributors offer a wide variety of thermometers for sale.

Some of the popularly used medical supplies thermometers are:
Tympanic Thermometers: These thermometers measure the body temperature from the ear canal and are commonly known as digital ear thermometers.
No Touch or Scanner Thermometers: This variety allows you to get a temperature reading without having any kind of direct contact with the skin. Once you press the button on this machine, safe LED lights are released from it. And within seconds, you get the temperature on the display screen.
Digital Underarm Thermometers: These machines provide a temperature reading within seconds and are easy to use.
Electronic Clinical Thermometers: These have replaced the mercury based thermometers because of safety issues.
Disposable Single Use Clinical Thermometers: These are becoming popular among doctors and hospitals to avoid the risk of cross infection among patients. These thermometers can measure oral body temperature.
Infrared Forehead Thermometers: These can measure temperature with a light stroke across the forehead. These machines can detect heat naturally emitting from the arterial blood supply under the temple.
Talking Thermometers: These can provide temperature readings orally, rectally and from the underarm.

Top Medical Supplies Thermometers
Some popular medical supplies thermometers are:
1. Welch Allyn Sure Temp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer: for its accurate readings

2. The Vicks Pro-Style Professional Thermometer is in demand for its six second readings

3. The Braun Thermoscan PRO 4000 Ear thermometer with recharging base and an active user feedback light

4. The Dorel Juvenile Safety 1st Accu-Rate Forehead Underarm Thermometer

5. The Kaz Vicks Comfort Flex Thermometer with an extra large night glow display and a large memory recall feature

Apart from the various types of thermometers, medical supply distributors also supply thermometer probe covers. These covers are ideal for maintaining hygiene while using oral and rectal thermometers.


If you are looking for medical supplies thermometers for your home or hospital, you can get the latest variety at Medezen.com. A leading distributor of all types of medical supplies, the company offers several types of thermometers at reasonable prices.

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