3 Tips for Safely Handling a Roadside Breakdown While You Wait for Help

3 Tips for Safely Handling a Roadside Breakdown While You Wait for Help

Whether you’re taking a weekend road trip or just running errands, an undiscovered mechanical problem can leave you stranded on the roadside without much warning. While one of the things you’ll do is call ahead for auto repair near Mokena, there are a few other things you should do while you wait for help to arrive. These tips will help you stay safe in this situation.

Get Out of Traffic

If you happen to break down on a road that provides an emergency service lane, you can drive or push your vehicle into that lane. Otherwise, you should get the vehicle off of the road and as far over the shoulder as possible. This will help you avoid causing additional problems while ensuring auto service response vehicles can get to you as efficiently as possible.

Stay Visible

You’ll want to be as visible as possible to ensure other drivers can see you and avoid hitting your vehicle as they pass you by. Additionally, you’ll want the tow truck or other response vehicles to be able to easily identify you on the side of the road. To that end, turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and use road flares to mark the location of the vehicle.

Exit the Vehicle Safely

When you’re in need of auto repair near Mokena, you can sit inside the vehicle as you await help. Sometimes, this may be the safer option. However, if the vehicle is smoking or you just don’t feel as though sitting in the vehicle is safe, exit the vehicle through the passenger side door. Once outside, distance yourself from the vehicle and stay on the side that’s farthest from the road until help arrives.

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