A Divorce Attorney in Tacoma Cautions Clients About Social Media Usage

A Divorce Attorney in Tacoma Cautions Clients About Social Media Usage

Even when a divorce is amicable, it’s best for both spouses to minimize their use of social media before the marriage has legally ended and even for a while afterward. This is even more important when a spouse has motivation to find negative tidbits about the other’s personal life that they might be able to use in court. A divorce attorney in Tacoma WA, can provide further advice on this matter.

The Main Issue

The main issue with social media usually involves child custody and visitation. One parent may be looking for ways to block shared physical custody. Social media can provide those reasons when the other parent is not careful enough.

Keeping Accounts Open

Some individuals delete their social media accounts, at least temporarily, until the custody agreement is fully resolved legally. However, it may be better to keep the accounts active to monitor the possibility of being tagged in anybody else’s photos or posts. In some cases, significantly culling the friend’s list is a prudent move.

Important Considerations

It’s imperative to never mention discussions with the divorce attorney in Tacoma, WA, on social media. If the person posts anything that falls under attorney-client privilege, that information might now be used to support the other spouse’s case.

A person in the midst of a divorce should definitely post on social media after drinking alcohol or after a big argument with the soon-to-be ex-spouse. Deleting the post later can be ineffective. By then, people may have shared it on the platform or sent it through private messages.