Easy and Fast Sports Betting Worldwide With a Phone-Based App

Easy and Fast Sports Betting Worldwide With a Phone-Based App

Online peer-to-peer-based sports betting provides for marketplaces in which anyone with an app can make and take sports bets with any other participant around the world without going through a centralized bookmaker.

App-Based Sports Betting

Betting apps allow for anyone to make both fiat or Crypto withdrawals and deposits, create bets based on integrated stats for multiple worldwide teams, accept with a simple tap and sport bet live either anonymously with anyone else or with a group of friends.

Advantages of Peer-to-Peer Betting

Apps not only allow participants to sport bet live on a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace, they also do away with high betting fees, slow transactions and out-of-date technologies. Apps can also bypass bookmaker dispute-handling by establishing deadlines, rules and penalty/reward systems.

Rewards With an App-Based Token

Where sport betting typically has had no royalty or rewards, apps can not only accept USD and BTC bettings, they can also operate on unique betting tokens that provide additional benefits, such as discounts, bonuses, cashback and more perks.

More Rewarding Than Ever

Whether it’s for no-hassle withdrawals and deposits, data for more than 26 leagues across the world, easy betting creation and one-tap acceptance, one betting app does it all. While the peer-to-peer marketplace is currently only available outside the US, customers inside and outside the United States can review betting data and odds and participate in Fantasy Sports betting. Get the online benefits and rewards by contacting ZenSports at (888) 688-7767 or by getting the Android or iOS app at https://www.zensports.com today.

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