Frequently Asked Questions About a Root Canal Procedure By an Endodontist Near Hyde Park

Frequently Asked Questions About a Root Canal Procedure By an Endodontist Near Hyde Park

Individuals who have painful teeth and need to have root canal therapy may feel apprehensive about the procedure. Read the frequently asked question below to learn what to expect when scheduling an appointment with an endodontist in Near Hyde Park for a root canal.

Q.) Why do patients need to have a root canal procedure?

A.) The inner tissue in the root of a tooth is called the pulp. When there is an infection or inflammation inside the pulp, the tooth becomes very painful, and it often causes an abscess in the tooth. To relieve the pain and to prevent the tooth from abscessing, an endodontist will perform a root canal procedure. The pulp often becomes infected due to tooth decay, trauma to the tooth, or a crack in the tooth.

Q.) What can a patient expect during a root canal procedure?

A.) The endodontist uses dental instruments to remove the infected pulp and then clean the inside of the tooth. In place of the pulp, a rubbery material is placed into the opening in the tooth root. Finally, an endodontist adds a crown or a filling as protection for the tooth.

Q.) Are there benefits of having a root canal procedure done as opposed to having the painful tooth pulled?

A.) It’s better for patients if they can save their teeth instead of having them extracted. When a tooth is extracted, a patient may not be able to chew food as well since there is a gap in the teeth. A person’s appearance may also change due to a missing tooth. When a person has a root canal procedure, the tooth is healthy again, and it will last a long time.

Q.) What can a patient expect after having a root canal procedure?

A.) A patient’s tooth may be tender following root canal therapy. An endodontist Near Hyde Park may also advise patients not to use the tooth for chewing for a few days after the procedure.

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