If You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Shelby County, OH

A time may arise in the life of a person when they might need a criminal defense attorney because of a crime the person is being accused of. A lot of misdemeanors can usually be handled without the inclusion of an attorney, but if the person has committed a felony, serious consequences are sure to happen. A criminal defense lawyer in Shelby County, OH realizes the severe things that can happen to a person charged with a felony and wants them to be aware of how to proceed. Here is a look at the situation regarding felonies in Ohio.

Felonies in Ohio

Ohio observes five levels of felonies that a defendant can be charged with, which range from first degree felonies to fifth-degree felonies. First degree felonies are the most serious and they include crimes such as rape and murder, carrying with them up to 11 years behind bars. If the defendant is deemed to be a repeat offender, 10 more years might be added to the sentence that is already handed down. Fifth-degree felonies are the least severe of all but are still crimes that could adversely affect a convicted defendant.

More About Felonies in Ohio

Regardless of the level of severity of the felony, the person convicted could lose their job, be expelled from college, or be made to live away from certain groups of people, such as children. A felony may also cause the convicted defendant to lose out on other privileges, such as being able to drive, vote, or purchase firearms. It is to the advantage of the defendant to hire an attorney who has considerable experience in criminal law defense.

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio

The convenience of the internet makes it easy for a person to find a reputable criminal defense lawyer when one is needed. Lopez Severt & Pratt Co LPA is a law firm in the Shelby County, Ohio area that offers representation to clients who need criminal defense. Anyone who wants to consult with a criminal defense lawyer in Shelby County, OH can contact this law firm. Find more information by visiting the website at www.lopezsevertpratt.com.

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