Methods for Ordering Automotive Parts in Minneapolis MN

Methods for Ordering Automotive Parts in Minneapolis MN

Gone are the days of heading to an auto store to purchase parts. While this option is still available to those who would like to continue the tradition, there are many more methods for ordering auto parts that are needed. Automotive Parts in Minneapolis MN can be ordered using several methods.

Wholesale Account

Businesses that require a large number of parts regularly can open a wholesale account. Many automotive part companies offer wholesale accounts to frequent customers. A credit application is needed in this instance. Once the application is approved, the business owner will be contacted by the company in order to set up the account so they can place an order.


Anyone requiring auto parts can simply send an e-mail to a part company. They can request a part based on model number, or simply discuss the vehicle the part is needed for in order to receive the correct fit. The e-mail should detail not only the part needed but also the required shipping and contact information. The buyer will receive an e-mail back in order to confirm the order and discuss payment information.


Just as people can use e-mail to request an order, they can also send their details via a fax. A few fax documents will be sent back and forth between the purchaser and the auto parts company before the transaction is complete.


It is also possible to phone in an order. A sales team member will be able to answer all questions and take down the correct information so the order can be placed. This is a preferred method for many because they actually get to speak to someone who knows which components may be needed. It is more convenient than driving to the location.

Automotive Parts in Minneapolis MN are needed often. Shops that want to buy in bulk can use any of these ordering methods in order to receive the parts they need for their business. Individuals can also utilize these methods if they wish. Visit Website Domain to learn more about the parts offered and utilized a chosen method to get them ordered quickly.