Professional Skills in Occupational Therapy Franklin County

Professional Skills in Occupational Therapy Franklin County

Occupational therapy is a form of care service provided to individuals across all stages of the lifespan who require assistance in performing meaningful activities. Occupational therapists are individuals such as homecare nurses for elderly individuals, disabled persons or mentally challenged individuals among others. The professionals in occupational therapy Franklin County are trained and equipped with skills that enable them to provide the needed care and monitoring from individuals who suffer from specific medical conditions, disabilities or old age. Such individuals can either be placed in nursing care homes or hospital. However, this is usually expensive and alienating them from their family only makes their conditions worse.

The skills employed in occupational therapy can also be effectively used in empowering challenged individuals with skills that will make them even less dependent on constant monitoring and care. There are various professional skills used in occupational therapy and these include:

* Medication set up is one of the very important skills in occupational therapy Franklin County. In most cases, individuals who suffer from specific medical conditions or old age may require medication for their bodies to perform the regular bodily functions. Administering this medication may require keen timing and specific skills in medication such as diabetes medication or intravenous treatment routes. With the help of professional occupational therapists, you can be assured that medication will be promptly delivered to the patient.

* We are what we eat and in many cases, diet plays a very huge role in the medical condition and disease affecting an individual. Individuals who have challenges caused by disability and old age require special diet planning and keenly focused diet practices in managing the condition. Through occupational therapy, individuals can access diets that are focused on improving their health.

* Vitals monitoring is an essential skill in professional occupational therapy Franklin County especially for patients who suffer from serious medical conditions with many risks of emergencies at any time. Individuals who are on life support particularly benefit from the help of such occupational therapists.

* Wound care, catheter care and tracheotomy care are occupational therapy skills that are necessary for individuals who require the assistance of tubes to relieve themselves or breathe as well as have un-healing wounds that require long term care.

* As an occupational therapist, one can acquire all these skills in occupational therapy or specialise in one particular area of the skills where they feel most effective in. However, when dealing with patients, it is most commonly found that a patient may need more than one element of care. For instance, patients who require vital signs monitoring will also need medication set- up and catheter care as well. It involves becoming an all-round care giver to the patient.

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