Protect Your HDTV with A TV Screen Guard

Protect Your HDTV with A TV Screen Guard

Most homes can now boast one of the modern Big Screen, High Resolution TV hanging on the wall. Most of these TV’s are a big investment which many of us fail to protect. A great solution for protecting these screens from accidental damage is to invest in a simple, low-tech solution in the form of a TV Screen Guard.

The technology incorporated into most modern TV’s mean that they are becoming the central pivot in the home. The TV is still used to watch the latest soaps and series, the football and baseball and to keep the kids quiet, but it also the way the kids play their favourite games dancing wildly with their Kinect games and waving the wands around for their Wii Games. A flying Wii wand has been the demise of many a TV’s expensive flat screen. A quick, cost effective solution to this problem is a TV Screen Guard.

Young children don’t see a TV in the same way as an adult. They see it as something to keep them entertained. They see people painting and drawing inside the TV, so to them it is a natural place to draw as well. A nice flat big screen gives them plenty of space to express themselves with crayons, paints and fingerprints.  Most marks can be cleaned from the TV screen guard with a microfiber cloth and plastic polish, however if the marks are too stubborn to remove in situ the TV screen guard is easily unclipped to enable washing with a soft cloth and a mild detergent.

Kids also have a habit of throwing things during a tantrum. Baby bottles, sipping cups and toys will bounce right off of a good quality TV Screen Guard.

The TV is also protected against pets. Dogs and cats can attack a TV screen when they see other animals on a TV. A TV screen guard will make sure that their paws do not leave any scratches.

High quality TV screen guards are made from 1/8th inch thick, optical quality acrylic which will not distort or darken your TV’s images. They are incredibly tough and can stop almost anything thrown at them by children, enthusiastic games players or even rowdy guests at parties.
Protecting a TV with a TV screen guard is a simple exercise requiring no tools and does not damage or mark the TV. The guard does not block ventilation to the screen so will not cause any issues with the TV overheating.

Using a TV screen guard will not affect the warranty on the TV, as the guard is not fixed with screws or adhesives.

Protect your TV now with a TV Screen Guard from SafeTVision, they make them in sizes to fit flat screen TV’s from 32 to 70 inches (other sizes can be made to order). To order your screen protector visit their website at and keep your TV safe for many years to come.

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