Using Crushed Glass Blasting Media

Using Crushed Glass Blasting Media

There are different materials used in blasting technology to remove surface materials from metals and other substrates. The softer the metal, the more important it is to select a blasting material that will not result in etching and surface damage.

Various options in plastic media offer the ideal option for soft metals like aluminum. For harder metals and surface materials, glass beads or crushed glass blasting media can be used on their own or combined with plastic or metal beads. The choice of the media or blend is essential in optimizing the stripping process.

The Difference Between Crushed Glass and Glass Beads

Although glass beads and crushed glass blasting media are made from the same material, they produce different results. Both are highly effective at removing paint and coatings from a variety of different surfaces.

Glass beads are typically used for the process of finishing metals. They can also be used to etch the surface, which is normally not a concern for stripping processes. Glass beads are also ideal for deburring surfaces, which is important in different manufacturing and fabrication applications.

The choice of crushed glass blasting media means the media itself has more unique shapes and irregular edges. This means it is more effective at removing surface paints and coatings while also creating the best surface for the next paint application.

Just like glass beads, crushed glass is an environmentally friendly media option. It can be purchased in different sizes and grades, allowing for the right combination of media and blasting systems for each given application.

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