What to Do When You Have a Lien Property for Sale

What to Do When You Have a Lien Property for Sale

A lien can seem like a confusing thing on the surface but it really is quite simple. It basically means that a creditor has a claim to the home in relation to some sort of debt. In the event that a payment on that debt is missed, there is the chance that the creditor could claim the home.

Having a lien on a property is not fun but if you have a lien property for sale, going through the pros at Mayflower Judgments can bring some simplicity to the entire endeavor. A judgment lien doesn’t have to mean that you cannot sell your home.

Judgment Liens

A judgment lien is when a creditor files a lawsuit against the owner of a home (which would then become a lien property for sale). That means the creditors have the right to take possession of the home if the debtor cannot fulfill their contractual obligations.

Judgment liens can be created against personal properties, vehicles, and real estate. But using a judgment company means being able to sell your real estate property with a lien against it more conveniently.

Getting Cash Now

The best judgment companies out there not only offer a solution to these lien issues, but they pay in cash. That means getting out from underneath the lien property but it also means getting cash in hand. That is the best-case scenario for situations that can seem otherwise untenable.

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