An Overview Of Industrial V Belts In Texas Oil Field Applications

The V-belt also called a wedge belt, is named after the shape of the belt, which is a definite V shape when viewed in cross-section. The V-belt is used in a wide number of different applications in industrial use in industrial V-belts, and it is also used in automotive, machinery and in other types of equipment.

For industrial applications, the most common type of V-belt is the cogged design. This belt has internal cogs or regular formations along the inside of the belt, providing greater traction on the pulley for enhanced performance. It is also an ideal option when high horsepower is required, with the belt designed to eliminate slipping and increase energy efficiency as well as an overall belt life cycle.

There are also raw-edge and wrapped industrial V-belts, and these are also used in a wide variety of motors, systems, and equipment. All have the job of being able to effectively transmit the power from one rotating shaft to another within the system. At the same time, the choice of gear sizes allows for increasing or decreasing the speed of the shaft.

The Importance of Quality

One of the most critical aspects of choosing industrial V-belts is the quality of the belt. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheaply made belts from other countries that are on the market in Texas as well as across the United States.

These belts tend to stretch and to fail with limited duty life, resulting in the risk of additional equipment damage as the belt breaks and the system continues to operate. Broken or frayed belts are also a source of downtime, which is problematic as well.

Buying industrial V-belts from a stocking manufacturers‘ representative offering only the best quality products is always the optimal choice. This provides a reliable belt from a trusted manufacturer, offering the quality your customers expect.

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