Reasons Why Molded Rubber Products Are Effective For Oil And Gas Operations

Reasons Why Molded Rubber Products Are Effective For Oil And Gas Operations

In the early days of oil and gas drilling in Texas and throughout the country, the majority of all parts and components on drilling rigs, with the exception of seals, rings and gaskets, were metal. However, today, there is a range of molded rubber products that are used and offer superior performance, longevity and durability, even in the extreme operating conditions on drilling rigs.

There are several reasons why Texas oil rigs, and oil rigs across the world, are incorporating more molded rubber products. Understanding the benefits of these products allows sellers to more effectively recommend them to customers who are looking for solutions.

Ability to Withstand Stress

Rubber is a flexible material. This means it is able to bend and form under stress, then return to its original shape. This is not true with metals, which fracture and bend under stress and pressure and result in the need to change out parts more frequently.

Versatile Material for Multiple Products

It is possible to use molded rubber products for a variety of applications on drilling rigs. They are still used as seals, but they can also be found as rod guides, packer elements, wipers and a range of different equipment gaskets.

Long Lasting Products

The process of molding rubber is very precise, which means all of the air is removed from the rubber when it is placed in the mold. This creates a uniformly dense final product that is free from any voids or pockets as found in cast iron products. With a uniformly dense material, there is less internal stress and no weak point that can lead to failure.

These are also products that stand up to chemical corrosion and offer a durable, reliable material in both hot and cold working conditions.