Retirement Apartments Provide the Perfect Opportunity for Independent Living

Just because you are retirement age does not mean you have to give up your independence. The responsibility of owning a home can be overwhelming the older you become. Repairs become harder to afford and household tasks become more burdensome. Wouldn’t it be nice to live independently while still having access to great support services? Retirement apartments in Devon are the answer. You get the ability to live on your own on the grounds of a facility that offers the support services you may need all within glorious surroundings. Choose from one to two-bedroom apartments that are available on a short-term basis or on a renewable basis. You do not have to worry about being tied to a contract either. Enjoy living in a retirement apartment that also offers visitor apartments for guests, so you can enjoy family time too.

Get the Care You Need in Beautiful Surroundings

Torr Home has the most beautiful surroundings including stunning views of the coastal area and countryside. Your focus will be on enjoying your time while relaxing in a gorgeous retirement apartment that has been decorated and fitted with everything you need for independent living including a fully fitted kitchen and insulated, double-glazed windows. You do not even need to worry about doing your own laundry or cooking meals. Laundry service is offered as well as meal delivery straight to your door. Would you like to have your hair done too? Having a hairdresser visit or chiropodist are just a few of the available options.

Make a Positive Choice Regarding Retirement Living

There are many benefits when it comes to retirement living. Retaining your independence as long as possible is a popular choice among retired people. Being able to care for yourself has a great impact on your well-being and general health too. Retirement apartment living provides the ability to retire and enjoy a better quality of life. Relish better social engagement, active living and the opportunity to be part of the local community while living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle when you choose to live in a retirement apartment in your golden years.

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