Who Should You Send Thank-You Cards to After Your Wedding


You planned the wedding and sent out your beautifully crafted laser cut invitation cards. The wedding day has arrived. The guests came. Everyone in your entourage acted their parts perfectly. Everything went smoothly. While you may want to move on from the wedding itself and start thinking about your marriage, there’s still one last thing you need to do. You have to thank the people. If you want, it may be all the people you invited and everyone else that was around you for your big day. If that proves too stressful and time-consuming for you, here’s a handful of people that you should prioritize with the thank-you cards.

The Host

Whether it’s your parents or someone else, you have to thank them. Thank each host individually. Make sure it’s personal to show the person that you’re thankful.

Anyone who gave a gift

Although others who didn’t give anything shouldn’t be ignored, the ones who came with gifts should be thanked promptly. If they’ve sent money, you should tell them what you have planned for the wedding. You need to let them know that you received the money and will be putting it to good use.

The caterer/Suppliers

The person who made the cake and all other foods should be thanked. It doesn’t have to be individualized. Even the bartender and the suppliers deserve to be appreciated. If someone went out of their way and made you an exceptionally delicious dish or drink, you may want to thank them personally.

The entertainers

These people performed throughout the entire wedding. Most of them are still working after you, and most of the guests have left. You need to send them a thank-you card to show that you appreciate their efforts.

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