Applications and Rationale For Using Nylon Coating

Applications and Rationale For Using Nylon Coating

One of the means of providing a substrate surface, plastic or metal is to apply a powder coating. Nylon is one chosen by several companies to use for this improvement. Application of a nylon coating may be through any of the following methods:

Fluidized bed
Electrostatic spray
Flame spray

The choice of method will depend upon various factors including the capabilities of the finishing company, the preference of the component manufacturer, the intended use of the component and, of course, the substrate material.

Why Use Nylon Coatings?

Nylon is a film-forming polyamide resin. Companies select it based on what characteristics it can imbue to the substrate surface. Companies ask for a nylon coatings for their product because the coating is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Impact resilient
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Capable of providing excellent chemical resistance
  • Grants a very durable finish
  • Suitable for use in areas that feature high humidity and damp
  • Tough
  • Able to prevent fungus formation

Nylon is also, happily for several applications, both decorative and weather proof. Its characteristics have made it popular for both interior and exterior environments.

Applications for Nylon Coatings

These qualities make nylon coating a popular choice among specific manufacturing facilities. Medical, IT and automotive are three major industries relying on nylon coatings to make their components highly functional. Standard applications today include:

  • Automotive: This industry uses nylon coatings in various fuel contact applications e.g. moonwalk fuel lines, pneumatic brake lines, quick connectors and multi-layer fuel lines,
  • Furniture: office furniture where the coating provides a high degree of toughness and durability
  • Handicapped Access: handrails for disabled and public access as well as on trams, trains, buses and coaches
  • IT applications: The IT industry employs this type of coating for semiconductors, and wire and cable applications
  • Medical: Among the many uses of nylon coatings in the medical industry are catheters, defibrillator paddles, forceps and tubing hubs
  • Oil and Natural Gas: Nylon coatings are commonly employed to produce both umbilicals and underwater flexible pipes
  • Rollers: Nylon coatings form the protective layer for pulleys as well as print and conveyor rollers
  • Water Management: For potable water units, nylon coatings may be applied to the housing on pumps, piping systems, impellers and water reticulation equipment
  • Wire Products: In this category, you can find dishwasher racks and shelving

These are the major applications of nylon coatings, but do not comprise a complete list.

Nylon Coating: Expensive, but Competitive

While Nylon is an expensive powder, the need only to apply thinner coats makes it more cost-effective. One of the toughest plastic coatings on the market today, it endows its components that make the extra cost worth it. Overall, choosing a nylon coating over other types is sensible when you consider the positive and effective results.