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Should You Use a Paint or Stain Pad Applicator?

Most painters have a good assortment of brushes and rollers because they are some of the most important tools for the job. In some cases, brushes work best, and other times, you may need to use rollers. However, pads are another option to consider. A paint or stain pad applicatorcan be very useful and here are some reasons to add them to your tools soon.

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Blue Painters Tape Vs Masking Tape

If you do a lot of paint jobs each month, you need a steady source for tools and materials. For example, rollers and brushes eventually wear out, even if you buy some of the best products on the market. You also need a good source for paint masking materials. Some companies choose to save money by using masking tape instead of blue painters tape. This can be a huge mistake and here are some reasons why.

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