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Advantages to Attending Caribbean Medical Schools

Completing an MBBS abroad, particularly in the Caribbean, provides students from India with an amazing opportunity to live outside of their country in a safe, welcoming location. The top MBBS medical schools in the Caribbean are CAAM-HP or ACCM accredited and offer PG in the USA, providing graduates with the opportunity to work as a medical doctor in the USA, India, and most countries around the world.

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A Better Option Than A MBBS In Ukraine

There are several very good reasons for Indian students to choose to complete an MBBS abroad. One is the difficulty in earning a seat in a university in India through the NEET exam, and the other is the lower cost of tuition in universities outside of India.

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The Difficulties in Attending Medical Colleges in The USA For Indian Students

Students in India have the option to apply for a student visa and attend a medical college or university in the United States. While there are advantages to this pathway to an MD (MBBS) degree, there are also some challenges and difficulties to consider.

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