Creating a Mouth-watering Design for your Restaurant Website

Web design firms in Chicago are responsible for creating the websites behind some of the city’s top eateries.  Web design company Clique Studios created a stunning website for STATE restaurant and bar, perfectly capturing the designer urban vibe of the popular venue and attracting a hip, young audience.  But is it easy to create the perfect design for your restaurant website?  We look at some of the do’s and don’ts that should help you along the way.

Don’t use Flash

Yes, we know Flash is cool, and it adds interactivity to your site, but think of the number of smart phones and tablets that can’t use Flash – you’re effectively alienating  a high percentage of users by utilizing Flash on your restaurant website!  Adobe have recently announced they’re stopping development of Flash for mobile browsers – many companies and individuals have experienced problems loading flash based sites at work, and truth be told, we’ll be happy to see the back of flashy introductions when browsing!

Don’t Forget to Update

When creating a website, remember that it needs to be updated frequently – you need to look at back-end updates such as new technology, but don’t forget to also update your images and content.  While every 6 months is a good guideline, restaurants may wish to do this season by season as menus change and color schemes can change along with them!

Do Ensure Accuracy

Regular updating of your restaurant website should help to maintain the accuracy of information, but key pieces of information such as contact numbers, how to reserve a table and opening hours should be clearly visible and easy to find, and correct!  Nothing loses business faster than incorrect opening hours – customers will turn up for dinner to find you closed, and then never come back again!  If you offer special discounts or cater for specific dietary requirements, such as gluten free, then make these facts clearly visible on the front page of your site, to attract customers.

Do be Mobile Friendly

With more and more people browsing the internet on their phone or tablet than ever before, you don’t want your website to be one of those that simply won’t load on a mobile device.  Make your website mobile friendly – ensure that your web design firm in Chicago builds your site with mobile functionality in mind.  Incorporate a link to Google Maps so smart phone and tablet users can find you easily!

Invest in Quality Photography

Your website should be visual rather than text filled, so spend money investing in a professional photographer who will make your food look as delicious as possible!  Never underestimate the power of high quality food photography to draw customers to your restaurant.

By following the above steps, and by thinking about what your customers are looking for, you will be well on your way to creating the perfect website design for your restaurant.

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