Teach Your Kids Where Eggs Come From with Educational DVDs

Ask most kids today where their food comes from, and odds are that they will tell you the name of a grocery store. After all, that’s where Mom goes to do the shopping, right? The truth is that as our society becomes more and more technologically focused, we’re losing connections with our roots at the same time. One hundred years ago, people got their milk, eggs and ice from deliverymen who brought it direct from the source, and while most families used butchers for meat, the majority of homes had vegetable gardens to meet their produce needs. Everyone knew exactly where their food came from, how it was grown, and the best way to prepare it. Modern families need the same information, which is where Educational dvds can help.

Knowing where food comes from and it is produced may not seem very important, but there are many behind the scenes facts that are vital for consumers to know, and an Educational video can help explain them. For instance, some growers use genetically modified seed that has been altered to make it more resistant to bugs, or to last longer on the supermarket shelf, or other reasons. In terms of meat and poultry, animals are sometimes given large doses of antibiotics to prevent illness, which is then passed on to consumers. Knowing this information enables individuals to make smart, educated decisions about what they put into their bodies. On top of that, it’s important for kids to see where their food comes from and how many people have to work together to make it possible for Mom or Dad to put dinner on the table. This can make it real for children that food is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be wasted, which means fewer dinner table battles for parents.

Over the last few decades, we have lost connection with our agricultural roots. This is not only an intellectual loss, but also an emotional loss. Whether you grow your own vegetables or simply appreciate the hard work that goes into producing fresh food, having a tangible connection with the earth and its fruits can teach you to better value our planet and environment. Start teaching your kids early with Educational dvds and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they begin to see food differently.

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