The Benefits Of Working Directly With Sheet Lead Manufacturers

The Benefits Of Working Directly With Sheet Lead Manufacturers

There are many different uses for all types of lead products. Perhaps the most common use of any type of lead, from sheet or plate through to lead-lined gypsum or plywood, is in radiation shielding.

However, there are other applications for sheet lead and plate lead. This type of lead can also be used in soundproofing applications, where it can be placed on the walls and floor, as well as across the ceiling, to create soundproof rooms. In addition, lead, like most metals, is also used to prevent cell phone signals and wireless transmissions both in and out of specific areas of buildings.

With any type of building or construction using sheet lead and lead plate, having the ability to work directly with the manufacturer to order the specific sizes required is always a benefit. When using this material for radiation shielding, it is critical to verify the required thickness of lead plate and sheet based on the level of radiation equipment in use in the area.

Less Time

Ordering sheet and lead plate that is cut to the specific width and length required for the construction project saves time on the job. There is no need to cut the sheet on the job site, meaning less handling, fewer concerns about lead dust and exposure, and less time to prepare material for installation.

Less Waste

Lead waste on the job is a concern as it needs to be disposed of according to EPA regulations. This is an additional step and factor for the construction service, so avoiding any waste pieces of lead on the job removes one addition compliance issue.

Lower Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping sheet lead can be minimized by only shipping what is needed. Having the manufacturer produce the lead sheet to the exact size requirements prevents paying for any additional shipping costs for material that ends up as scrap.