Three Safety Tips for a Children’s Birthday Pool Party in Keller, TX

Three Safety Tips for a Children’s Birthday Pool Party in Keller, TX

Does your child want a pool party for their next birthday? Poolside birthday parties in Keller, TX, are always fun, but hosting young children at a swimming pool presents some unique safety challenges. Here are three tips to keep the birthday kid and all their friends safe on the water.

Know the Swimming Ability of Each Guest
It’s important to know the swimming skills of each young guest well in advance of the pool party. Use waterproof stamps or color-coded rubber bracelets at the party to indicate whether each child is an advanced, intermediate or novice swimmer or doesn’t know how to swim at all.

Hold the Party at a Safe Facility
While your backyard pool may be a free and convenient party venue, it’s also very risky and could cost you thousands on your home insurance policy. Instead, hold your party at a community pool or swim school that offers birthday parties Keller, TX.

Establish Pool Party Rules
Develop a list of safety rules in advance of the party, and include them on your invitations. Make it clear that any child who breaks a rule is banned from the pool for the rest of the party. Are you looking for a safe and fun location for your child’s next pool party? AquaKids Swim School Flower Mound offers year-round birthday parties for all ages in a safe, friendly environment with indoor heated pools. Learn more at

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