What to Know About a Standard Service Maintenance Agreement

Your air conditioner is a major investment. This device protects household occupants and your interior belongings from allergens, mold, and other undesirable particulates in the air. It also treats indoor air, so it has acceptable levels of moisture and heat. To protect this investment and keep your personal environment comfortable, it’s beneficial to purchase a Service Maintenance Agreement. Learn about this extended warranty by understanding the key provisions of one.

A Service Maintenance Agreement is an extended warranty issued by the maker, seller, or warranty administrator of the service agreement. It serves to provide preventive services so a person’s air conditioner can operate at optimal levels. This type of service is usually performed in the summer and winter. You will need to schedule an appointment for your air conditioner to be serviced during these times of the year. It’s preferable to do this a few week’s ahead of time so you can get an appointment. Always keep your maintenance agreement handy so you can refer to it. When you have questions about the agreement, talk to a the professional who sold it to you.

A service provider will perform numerous actions when he performs upkeep in the wintertime. He will check all wiring and connections to ensure that all parts have excess to a power source. When wiring or connections are defective, it can become a fire hazard. The service provider will check the condensate line. As an air conditioner operates, it produces this excess fluid. By not letting it build up in the drain line, you can rid your air conditioner of toxins and mold. Your air flow will also be evaluated. This will help all parts of your home have adequate air supply throughout the year. The filter will be replaced. Doing this will allow your air conditioner to remove allergens, mold, dust, and debris from indoor air.

Your home-based climate control system helps you have a healthier and more pleasant home. By getting preventive measures done, you can ensure that your AC system will keep working when you need it to the most. For more information on preventive AC service, talk to a professional at Burgeson’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. This company can handle residential and commercial AC services.

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