Why Veno-Merse Technique Is The Best Method of Varicose Veins Surgery

Why Veno-Merse Technique Is The Best Method of Varicose Veins Surgery

Are you unable to walk properly due to the pronounced varicose veins on your legs? Do you suffer from frequent cramps, not to mention unbearable pain in your legs when you have to stand or walk for long periods of time? Well, why are you suffering in silence when you can ge those veins treated quickly and painlessly? Indeed, with the highly advanced Veno-Merse Technique, you can now have varicose veins treated in a matter of a few hours, without any chance of recurrence of the same.

What is the Veno-Merse Technique?

This is one of the safest methods of carrying out varicose veins surgery. The procedure is painless, so you will not even have to be fully anesthetized. You will lie down in a bed and relax, while a specially designed medical apparatus named the Harvester will treat the leaks in the varicose veins in your legs. These leaks are the roots of all problems. They cause the major blood vessels in your leg to swell up, and suffer from increased outward pressure. The major blood vessels attempt to reduce pressure by sending more blood to the smaller veins, which also swell up in the process. Let this condition persist for a few months, and you will have a leg full of bluish-green lines, visible to all. While this might help soemone study human anatomy, it is certainly not going to help you in any way. Veno-Merse Technique can solve this problem before it even gets to become a serious one.

How time-consuming is the technique?

Well, that certainly depends on how many swollen blood vessels you have in your legs. If you have just a couple of those, then the vericose veins surgery might be over in just about an hour. However, if you chose to neglect the problem in its initial stages, then you may have to stay for quite a few hours. Do not worry though – there are no post-operative complications that can occur as a result of the technique. You will regain full mobility within a few hours of the procedure, and stay like that from then on.

Well then, why are you still suffering in silence? Find a surgeon who can perform varicose veins surgery using the Veno-Merse Technique. New York has quite a few surgeons like that, and you probably would be better off beginning your search there.

Are you looking for a doctor capable of performing varicose veins surgery by the Veno-Merse Technique? Then you should consider getting in touch with Dr. H. Majlessi, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., who has been practicing successfully in New York for quite some time now.

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