Necessary Maintenance That Needs to Be Performed by an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wichita

The sweltering heat of summer is here once again. For most homeowners, this means that they are running their HVAC units wide open. Running the air conditioner more usually brings with it an increased chance for repair issues. The homeowner will have to find the right professionals when the time comes for repairs on their unit. Hiring professionals for this job will help to ensure that all of the work is done the right way. Having a dependable unit during the heat of summer is vital in keeping a home at a comfortable temperature. Having an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wichita performing the maintenance on a unit will keep it in good shape.

Cleaning the Coils

The condenser coil of an HVAC unit is a very important piece. The dust and debris that can build up on the coil will cause a lot of problems. The lack of air flow produced by this buildup will make the unit run sluggishly. The professionals hired to perform AC maintenance will be able to get the coil clean and free of debris. If a homeowner tries to handle this process on their own, they will run the risk of damaging the coil in the process.

Checking the Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in an HVAC unit is vital and can leak out over time. If the unit begins to only blow hot air, then chances are the unit is in need of refrigerant. The professional HVAC technician will have the gauges needed to check the levels. Being able to check the levels before adding refrigerant is vital in reducing damage to the compressor. Adding too much refrigerant to an HVAC unit can be very harmful and should be avoided at all costs. An inexperienced homeowner should avoid ever tampering with the refrigerant of their unit because of the damage it can bring about.

Hiring an professional air conditioning contractor in Wichita area is the only way a homeowner will be able get the right HVAC Maintenance. If in need of an Air Conditioning Contractor, look to the team at Cooks HVAC for help. They will be able to get a home’s unit working at peak performance in no time.

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