What To Expect From Your Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation lawyers are trial lawyers who deal with civil cases rather than criminal cases. Litigation lawyers focus on representing the best interests of their clients in court, these lawyers can institute an action by filing a lawsuit on behalf of their client or they can defend a client who is being sued. To represent clients effectively a seasoned litigation lawyer must possess numerous skills.

Civil law, known as tort law, encompasses a great number of areas, most civil litigation lawyers in Chicago focus on specific areas. To give an example; there are civil litigators that deal with medical malpractice cases while others don’t, there are others that deal with defective products, while others don’t. Civil litigation lawyers tend to limit the scope of their practice because the law that pertains to their areas of expertise is very complex.

Not only does a civil litigation lawyer need to know the law that pertains to the areas in which they work, they must constantly refine their knowledge of the rules of the local courts in which they work, the rules of evidence and civil procedures. It is imperative that the lawyer knows all these rules and laws and understand how they are applied by the court in order to use them in the clients favor. Knowledge of the law but a lack of knowledge in the rules of evidence and procedure are two different things, either of which might lead to dismissal of the case as the opposing lawyer was able to use the laws to keep certain pieces of evidence from being presented.

Civil litigation lawyers in Chicago must be extremely persuasive, as a trial lawyer it must never be forgotten that it is the judge and jury that make the decision that will favor one litigant or another and of course, the lawyer wants a decision that favors his or her client.

There are numerous phases involved in the litigation process. The lawyer must be skilled at conducting the initial interview to determine if the individual has a valid case, he or she must them write a complaint that puts the client in the best possible light and survive numerous motions by the other lawyers.

When the case is being tried, civil litigation lawyers in Chicago must know the best way to present witnesses as well as how to aggressively cross exam witnesses for the opposing party. The objective of the lawyers is to present a compelling case, one which will result in a verdict that is in favor of the client.

If you find yourself involved in a civil case that requires specific legal expertise you will need skilled civil litigation lawyers in Chicago to get satisfaction from the courts. You are invited to contact the Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C.

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