3 Alternatives to Abortion Clinics in Jacksonville FL When You are Afraid

3 Alternatives to Abortion Clinics in Jacksonville FL When You are Afraid

You may rightfully be struck with palpable fright when you first discover you have become pregnant unwantedly. However, it would be best if you were not afraid because there are many options available to you. These options are much more than merely an abortion procedure in the clinic in Jacksonville, FL
The scope of the help and advise that you will get include the following:

The most apparent option other than abortion is parenthood; this may be a terrifying thought, especially if you think you are not ready for its obligations, but there are many available resources. You can even obtain assistance at a pregnancy help center with community referrals, medical support, and much more to assist you in parenthood.

Temporary Guardianship
It is possible to seek out temporary guardianship of your child if you do not feel quite ready to take care of them. You can appoint a family member or use foster care as a temporary placement. If you are deemed suitable, you can be given custody of your child when you are ready.

An adoption is a potent option if you want an alternative to abortion. You can go to a pregnancy center and be connected with adoption agencies who can help you find a family for your child. You can choose even to have an open adoption in which you can still maintain contact with your child.

Contact First Coast Women’s Services
If you want to find an alternative to an abortion clinic in Jacksonville, FL, contact First Coast Women’s Services. They can link you with resources to help you in any of the journeys mentioned above.

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