3 Basic Steps in the Auto Body Repair Process in Newport News, VA

3 Basic Steps in the Auto Body Repair Process in Newport News, VA

After a car accident, you may experience sleepless nights worrying about the aftermath. Maybe you had to take time off work and are worried about paying bills. Perhaps the cost of repairing your vehicle is keeping you up. Just dealing with the insurance company is enough to stress out anyone.

Relieve some of the stress by learning about the auto body repair process in Newport News, VA. Our brains are wired to fear the unknown. Conquer that fear by understanding what your vehicle will go through to get back to pre-crash condition.

Step 1 Initial Assessment

The first step in any auto body repair process is to assess the amount of damage done to the vehicle. During this assessment, make sure that the technician checks all of your car’s safety systems, too. When the technician is done, he or she should explain everything to you, inform you of the repairs that are needed, and give you an estimate of the cost.

Step 2 Repairing Your Vehicle

The best auto body repair shops will wash your car first. Then the wheels are realigned, and any structural damage is repaired to factory specifications. After the basic repairs are completed, the cosmetic services are next.

Step 3 The Paint Job

The original paint will need to be stripped away during this stage of the auto body repair process. All of the dents will be pulled out, and a primer will be applied to the damaged area. A corrosion preventing primer will be applied to all bare sheet metal. Then the first color coat is applied.

Once the first coat hardens, the car is moved to a protected paint booth and the finishing coats are applied. A glossy coat is added at the end to make your car look like new. If you visit Brucessuperbody.com, you can find more detailed information on the full process.