3 Tips to Help You Choose the Ideal Logan Square Venue For Your Wedding

3 Tips to Help You Choose the Ideal Logan Square Venue For Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, one of your most important considerations will be to choose the right Logan Square wedding venue. Picking the wrong place can lead to a disaster that can ruin your perfect day. While you may know to look for a venue that offers a large enough capacity, indoor and outdoor options, and sufficient parking, there are other factors to consider. Try expanding your search criteria to ensure you do find the ideal venue for your big day.

Consider the Privacy

While you want a venue that’s close to the city or close to hotels for out-of-town guests, you’ll also want to ensure your event will be private. Ensure there are barriers, such as shrubbery or fences, to keep people from randomly wandering into the event. Make sure you’re not sharing your venue with another party as well.

Ask About Vendors

Many couples neglect to ask about hiring their own vendors only to find out later that they have to use the venue’s staff and services. Before choosing a venue, find out which ones will allow you to choose third-party vendors. This can be especially important if you’re trying to create a unique theme.

Inquire About Noise Restrictions

You should ask each Logan Square wedding venue about any curfews or noise restrictions they have in place. If the venue is located near residential streets, this may be an especially troublesome restriction. Before signing anything, make sure you choose a venue that doesn’t have restrictions that could negatively impact your celebration.

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