4 Signs You Need to Take in Your Car for Engine Repair Services

4 Signs You Need to Take in Your Car for Engine Repair Services

Your car’s engine isn’t going to last forever. If you encounter any of the following signs, then that means you need to get your car to an auto shop and hire a qualified technician for engine repair in Southwest Fort Worth TX.


It may mean that a part or component inside your engine has been dislodged. Don’t dismiss that sound. It could lead to even worse problems down the road if you don’t address it now. Drive to a reputable auto shop to have your car checked and looked over thoroughly.

Excessive smoke

Excessive smoke could mean a problem with the oil or parts in your engine. The best way to move forward from this problem is to get to a car mechanic you can trust as soon as possible. Look for reputable auto shops that offer engine repair in Southwest Fort Worth TX. That’s a good place to start.

Burning oil fast

Getting new oil is essential to good car maintenance. But if it seems like your car goes through the oil much, much quicker than the norm, then that could mean something else. Get to a mechanic right away to find out what’s wrong with your engine.

Lack of compression

If the charge of air and fuel cannot be compressed right, then you’ll end up with problems on your hands. There are plenty of reasons for why this happened. It may have been the result of worn-out piston rings since these will result in air/fuel leaks during the compression, How Stuff Works explains. Other times it could be caused by exhaust valves that weren’t sealed properly or holes in the cylinder.

These are just a few of the signs of engine trouble you’ll need to watch out for. Get to an auto repair shop as soon as you find yourself dealing with them.