5 Signs That It’s Time to Call Commercial Furnace Contractors in Sylvania OH

As fall approaches, business owners get busy with seasonal preparations and general maintenance. The last thing an owner should have to worry about is the condition of their building’s heating system. However, if the system is showing any of the below signs, it may be time to schedule service with commercial furnace contractors in Sylvania OH.

Cycling On and Off Too Frequently

Rapid cycling sometimes has a minor cause, such as an incorrect thermostat setting or a dirty air filter. Regardless of the cause, though, the extra wear and tear may cause parts to fail early.

Noisy Operation

Numerous problems may cause a heating and ventilation system to make noise, including clogged air filters, loose belts, and damaged ductwork. Thankfully, many of these issues are minor, but some are serious when not addressed promptly. If the furnace makes banging noises with each startup, call commercial furnace contractors in Sylvania OH to check for a gas leak or an ignition issue.

Rising Energy Bills

If the unit’s fuel efficiency is steadily declining, it may need a good cleaning or even a complete replacement. When efficiency issues are ignored, units reach the end of their lifespan sooner than expected. If the building does need another heating unit, new models are much more energy efficient than older ones, and they may even pay for themselves in terms of lower energy costs.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Are occupants complaining about cold and hot spots in the building? These temperature variances are easily fixed with minor adjustments to the HVAC system. For the comfort and morale of employees and visitors, it’s important to address these issues as soon as possible.

Too Much Dust in the Air

If it seems like the cleaning staff hasn’t been doing enough dusting lately, the problem might not be their fault. If the building’s HVAC equipment is dirty, and the filters haven’t been changed in a while, the system may be unable to remove dust and debris from the air. Not only will the debris and dust get all over everything in the building, but it will eventually cause the unit to fail.

Many business owners don’t realize how much money they’re wasting by not maintaining their HVAC systems. Get those heating systems ready for fall and winter by giving the company a call, or contact us via the website.

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