5 Things to Consider For a Portable Toilet Rental

  1. What is the number of people that you expect will be at the site regularly?
    Units should not get crowded or clogged with the pressure of too much usage. Therefore you need to ensure that there are enough units for everyone to be able to use. Moreover, you don’t want people to have to wait in long lines to use the restrooms. 

    A safe way of determining the ratio of restrooms to users is to keep it at one for fifty. Therefore, for every fifty people at the site, there should be one unit. However, that will depend on the duration for which the event goes on. If it is a long event – if it goes on for more than half a day, for instance – the ratio can be reduced to one toilet for every 25 people.

    2. How often do you want to get the toilets serviced?
    This depends on how long the event is, and how many people there are at the site. Of course, it also depends on how often the restrooms are used. It’s a good practice to service them at least once a day. For events that involve a large number of people and are spread out across more than a day, it should be cleaned at least two to three times a day.

    3. There are many types of portable toilets. Which kind do you need?
    You can find many kinds of portable restrooms at sanitation manufacturer’s. They can be single basic standing stalls for light use. Heavy-duty multi-unit trucks are also available. These can be equipped with hot water tanks to provide guests with running water. For smaller events, it may be enough to use the single stalls and hand washing outlets.

    4. Do you need any extensions to the units?
    Most people like to add to their basic single stalls. They can add wash stands or the toilet bowl can be equipped with a simple foot pump to flush out the bowl with chemicals after every use. Always make sure that users never run out of hand sanitizers and toilet paper.

    Answer the above questions before you decide on your portable toilet rental. Jacksonville sanitation ware stores should have what you are looking for.

Are you looking for a portable toilet rental in Jacksonville? Residents of Jacksonville can call Amason’s for their short-term and long-term rental requirements. You can call them at 904-276-4829.

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