A Brief Guide For Cosmetic Laser Therapy In Rockwall, TX

A Brief Guide For Cosmetic Laser Therapy In Rockwall, TX

In Texas, cosmetic treatments are available to improve the aesthetic appeal of both men and women. These treatments address a variety of concerns for these individuals This includes conditions related to the aging process. Cosmetic Laser Therapy Rockwall TX is among these advantageous services.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

Ideal patients have existing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. They could also have visible due to acne or skin-related issues. Patients with skin issues that weren’t corrected through face lift surgery are great candidates for the procedure as well. However, these procedures aren’t right for patients with existing acne or who have darker complexions. It is also not beneficial for removing visible effects of stretchmarks.

How Does It Work?

There are two primary types of laser treatments used today. The CO2 treatments use ultra-pulse to deliver light pulses underneath the first layer of skin. The treatments focuses heat through the pulsed light energy into the skin. The known recovery period for this procedure is about two weeks.
The erbium laser treatments uses a similar approach as CO2. However, it is used primarily for deeper skin concerns. It involves burning away the tissue surrounding problem areas. It produces beneficial results without the longer recovery period.

What You Should Know Before the Procedure?

The patient should report any skin-related issues that are present. This includes cold sores and acne. They can cause complications for the procedure and cause further breakouts. Among the complications are additional scarring of the skin.

All patients should not smoke for at least fourteen days before the procedure. They should also stop taking medications used to thin the blood. They should also avoid aspirin, Motrin, and certain vitamins for at least ten days before their procedure appointment.

In Texas, cosmetic treatments help local patients reverse the signs of aging. These procedures can reduce visibility by treating the top layers of the skin. They can also eliminate sun damage and scars. Patients have two opportunities from which to choose. Patients who are ready to schedule Cosmetic Laser Therapy Rockwall TX should contact Rejive Medspa to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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