A Driveway Contractor in Toledo, OH Can Install an Asphalt Driveway

A Driveway Contractor in Toledo, OH Can Install an Asphalt Driveway

A well-maintained asphalt driveway is an asset to every home. It is attractive and it provides safe access to the residence. When a home is being built, a contractor and home buyer may consider using gravel instead of pavement. However, it can be difficult for women to walk on gravel in their open-toed shoes or high heels. It can also be difficult to shovel or plow snow on a gravel driveway. For these reasons, many owners decide to have their Driveway contractor in Toledo, OH install and maintain an asphalt driveway.

Installing driveway Coon rapids requires that the contractor excavate the area for the driveway and then put a layer of gravel over the remaining soil. This ensures that the subsurface water won’t create frost heaves in the pavement. A rough layer of pavement is put on top of the gravel and then a final layer of asphalt is put on top of that. The Driveway contractor in Toledo, OH will determine how many layers of asphalt are needed. It can vary between one and three depending upon the topography and weather.

Homeowners can learn about this process. Once the driveway has been installed, it has to be maintained to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. At least every two years, the Driveway contractor in Toledo, OH should inspect the driveway for cracks. If he sees any, then he can fill them with a hot rubberized filler. This prevents water from seeping under the asphalt and weakening it.

If the homeowner notices that the asphalt is turning gray, this is a sign that they sun is drying out the pavement. It’s critical at this point that they contact the Driveway contractor in Toledo, OH so that he can coat the asphalt with a sealant. Not only does this make the driveway look better, it rejuvenates the asphalt and keeps it from cracking.

Maintaining an asphalt driveway properly can double it’s life. Homeowners will be proud to welcome their guests on an attractive and safe driveway. If they decide to sell their home, the curb appeal will impress potential buyers.