A Drug Crime Lawyer in Pasadena, CA Defends Clients Who Have Become Dependent on Opioids

A drug crime lawyer in Pasadena, CA can defend people who have been charged with illegal possession of opioid medications, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. Some turn to heroin after no longer being able to obtain these drugs without a prescription. An opioid addiction epidemic in this country has reached alarming levels, with thousands of people dying from overdoses every year.

Common Reasons for Opioid Dependency

Many of these people become dependent on the drugs after taking them for an injury or a health disorder. Some start taking prescription opioid painkillers because of chronic pain connected with their labor-intensive job. They find that over-the-counter medications don’t work well enough. If they start buying the drugs illegally, they are at risk of being caught and charged with a drug-related offense. Nevertheless, a drug crime lawyer in Pasadena, CA can provide aggressive legal representation.

Hazardous Occupations

People working in construction, for example, are in one of the most dangerous occupations. They are at risk of developing chronic knee pain if they have to kneel on hard surfaces much of the time, which is common among roofers and carpenters. They are susceptible to developing chronic back pain. They also are at risk of serious injury if they fall from a height or are struck by a heavy object falling from overhead.

One report from 2017 found that construction workers are seven times more likely to die of an opioid overdose than workers in any other occupation. Of course, other occupations are also associated with chronic pain and a high risk of injury. Examples include farming, mining, foundry jobs, tree trimming, forestry, and professional fishing.

The Stigma Continues

Because of the stigma connected with drug addiction, most people still don’t reach out for help when they realize they have become dependent on opioids. They maintain a desperate search for the only substances that relieve their pain. If they are caught by law enforcement and charged with illegal opioid possession, they now have more trouble to deal with. Anyone in this situation may schedule an appointment with an attorney like David M. Wallin.

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